Publications and Awards



Istikhara“,  “Checklist”, Khôra, 2020

“Qasida For A Fasting Girl,” and “Surveillance Of Love”  Forthcoming republication,  Wild Gods: The Ecstatic In Contemporary Poetry and Prose, New Rivers anthology, 2020

“Familiar Fruit“, Rain Taxi 2020

“Housing is a Human Right” ( audio poem), The Eco’s: Fall Sound Garden at Riverside Park, 2020

“In-Visibility”, American Muslim  Futures virtual exhibit, re-publication 2020

‘Nafsi! Nafsi!’“, Khôra, 2020

terrorist, boys, thugs in the hood” ,  “Dua of Middle Passage Survivor”Poetry City U.S.A., 2020

“Of course, Black women invented navigation”  The Drinking Gourd online journal, 2020

“We Shouldn’t Have To Say”,  Nicollet Lantern poem featured on Compassion San Antonio Blog, 2020

“Hummingbird Heart”  The Drinking Gourd online journal, 2020

Select Poems re-published in Wisdom Ways, 2019

“Mashallah”  Saint Paul Almanac, 2019

“[Bean Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Buttermilk Pie]”,  About Place Journal, 2019

“Surveillance of Blunt Ash” ,  Cracked Walnut Anthology: After the Equinox, 2019

“Performative Joy”,  Midway Journal, 2019

“The Art of Burning”, Juked, 2018

“Dhul-Hajjah Pastoral”, re-published by Muslim Women Speak, 2018

“In-Visibility”, Bird’s Thumb, 2018

“Dhul-Hajjah Pastoral”, published along the poetry trail of the Three Rivers Park District.

“Qasida for the creator of bean pies”,  “Redacted Security”, and “Bean (pyrotechnics)” Puerto del Sol, 2018

“Surveillance of Joy”, “Joy Inside my Tears”, “Surveillance Rakats”  Boog City, The Portable Boog Reader 11: Minneapolis-St. Paul, N.Y.C”, 2018

“Surveillance of Office Micro-Aggression”,  Cosmonauts Avenue, 2018

“Qasida for a Fasting Girl”, published by Muslim Women Speak, 2018

“Bean (Pie)”, re-published, WHISKED: Cooking up Community 2018

“Surveillance of Love”, published by Paper Darts, 2018

“Allahu Akbar”, published by AtlanticRock, 2018

“Things I found caught in my mother’s hijab”, published in Knockout , 2017

“Yes” and ” To the unborn  generation”,  published in Mizna,  2017

“I know why the caged Muadhin sings” Republished by Helen Literary Magazine, 2017

“and, Michigan” published in Red Bird Chapbook

“Bean (Pie)” and “I know why the caged Muadhin sings” published in Blue Minaret,2016

“I’m gonna build you a house” published by Alyss Lit Mag , 2016

“On(Black(Muslim(Women)))Americanism” and “Coded Language” published in Mizna,2016

“Michigan, 1998” published in Qu Literary Magazine, 2016

“Bean Pie” and “No, I don’t trust the sky” published in The Fem, 2016

“Say her name” published in For Harriet,  2015

“Mujahid” published in the Mizna Journal,  2013

“The road to survival” and  “Last night the sky”(online) published in Bluestem Magazine, 2012

“City” published in Matter Press Journal, 2012

“Survivor’s Guilt” published in Black Fox Literary Magazine, 2012

“Dummy” published in The Reed Journal of Existentialism, 2012

“Boy” published in The Quarry Literary and Visual Arts Magazine, 2012


“Waste Not, Want Not “, Winter Tangerine, 2018

“Zainab, 27” published in Paper Darts, 2018

“Transit” published in Paper Darts, 2016

“The Heroes”  published in Blue Minaret 2016

Essays and Articles

“Smells of the Present Moment”, Mn Artists,   2020

“It takes a village event series disrupt neighborhood shootings with Black joy”, Insight News, 2020

“Pure Cruelty: Deporting COVID-19 Victims”, Insight News, 2020

” Ben Crump: ‘They are trying to Kill George Floyd a Second Time’ “, Insight News, 2020

“I Want Us to Survive the Virus” A Moment of Silence: 50 Black MN Voices in a Historical Moment of Transformation (  Online Anthology ), 2020

“The Environment in Context”, Pollen, 2019

“These Stories Need to Be Told: An Interview with Kathryn Haddad and Nahid Khan”, Mizna 2019

“Killing Us Softly”, Minnesota Women’s Press, 2018

“Intersectional Bribes and the Cost of Poetry” Essay in How Dare We! Write: A Multicultural Creative Writing Discourse  2017

“Breaking The Silence: How Maya Washington Is Redefining Inclusion And Protest In The Arts” Insight News 2016

“Inheritance” published in Switchback  2015

North Minneapolis residents fight out-of-state investors, poor maintenance”  2014

“More than art: FLOW Northside Arts Crawl promotes healthy eating”  2014

 “Northside forum builds alliances to bolster digital literacy”   2014


Winner of a 2018 Twin Cities Media Alliance ” Our Space is Spoken For” Fellowship

Winner of a 2017 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant

Winner of a 2016-2017 Minnesota Center for Book Arts Mentorship Fellowship.

Selected in 2016  by the City of Minneapolis and Artist Blessing Hancock to create poems that will be incorporated into a large scale public art project in Downtown Minneapolis.

2015-2016 Winner of the Loft Literary Mentor Series Award in poetry

2012 Nominee of the AWP Intro Journal Awards in poetry by the Saint Olaf English Department

Sagirah Shahid  is a fiscal year 2017 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature; and by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.